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SKS 4th-6th Grade Basketball

SKS basketball photoBy Coach Farr

Both the girls and boys elementary basketball teams competed in the Branson Youth League at the RecPlex again this year. Both teams had high expectations and made major improvements throughout the season. 

 The boys had an excellent season, after a heart breaking 1 point loss on the first game, they pulled together as a team and won every game after that, for an outstanding record of 7-1. The 6th grade boys also played a tremendous part in the leadership roles on the team this year, and I am incredibly proud of the way they stuck together and played with purpose and sportsmanship.

 The girls had quite the challenging schedule, however through the adversity; they persevered and played with ambition every game. They ended up winning 1 game this year; however I couldn't be more proud of their effort and dedication throughout the season.

 "I enjoyed every practice and every game that we had, even when things were tough or we ran through a play ten-thousand times in practice, these kids showed that they wanted to play," said Coach Farr. "They played with heart, they were invested and united and there's nothing more a coach could ask for."