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SKS performs “The Princess and the Pea”

cast members of Princess and the Pea Each year the Drama Club chooses a play to perform for the school and community. This year’s play was “The Princess and the Pea.” Students that are involved in drama are 5th-8th graders. Students spent many afternoons practicing their lines and learning stage movements. They also spent their own time to memorize lines. Students not only perform, they also work as backstage workers and develop props.

Two performances were held on Friday, 12/9/2016. Students, staff, teachers, parents, family members, and relatives had the pleasure of watching the students act out a humorous interpretation of the play. The cast included 13 wonderful, hard working middle school students. The cast and crew are as follows; Prince Valiant-performed by Chloe Parsons, King Maximilian performed by Jozee Riepl, Old Queen Maude, performed by Rileigh Rickard, The Wise Woman performed by Juliette Johnson, The Dunce Brothers; Daniel and Donald performed by Kyle Martin and Holly Sherfy, The Ladies in Waiting performed by Jesamyn Russell and Addi Sherfy, The Princesses; Minerva the Marvelous performed by Hope Manning, Diana Dingaling performed by Mackenzie Boyd, Stella the Strong performed by Amber Hayes, and Beaulah the Beautiful performed by Jamie Watts, and the final Princess Olivia who must take the test to prove her princessness. The backstage and props crew consisted of Cole Watts, Bradyn Hayes, Ethan Leech (Curtains), Tyler Sullivan (props and camera), Jamie Watts and Chloe Parsons. cast members take a bow after Princess and the Pea