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SKS Scholar Bowl

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Scholar Bowl has officially started its season. Students from 7th and 8th grade spend two or more days a week learning and practicing a wide variety of material to be able to compete against other scholars around the area. The material comes from a variety of areas such as Music, English, Literature, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and even modern culture.

The first scholar bowl tournament was held at Shell Knob a couple of weeks ago. It was a quad meet between Southwest, Shell Knob, Reeds Spring and Cassville. The A team won against Reeds Spring and Cassville, but lost against Southwest. The B team won against Reeds Spring and lost against Cassville and Southwest.
The A team consists students in 7th and 8th grade students: Dalton Anderson 7th, Avery Crain 7th, Joe Blanchette 8th, Hallie Hackler 8th, Hannah Hackler 8th, and Hope Manning 8th.  The B team consists of 7th and 8th grade students: Tyler Sullivan 7th, Ethan Leech 7th, Carter Williams 7th, Haylie Rickard 8th, Caden Price 8th, and Jamie Watts 8th. Each student brings certain set of strengths and knowledge to the teams.

The next meet the team went to was a 6 team meet and SKS could only bring one team. The A team went to compete against the other five teams. The teams that competed are Taneyville, which came in 1st, Kirbyville, which came in 2nd, Shell Knob, which came in 3rd, Bradleyville, which came in 4th, Skyline, which came in 5th, and Plainview, which came in 6th. The Shell Knob team that went to compete consisted of Dalton Anderson 7th, Avery Crain 7th, Hallie Hackler 8th, Hannah Hackler 8th, Jozee Riepl 8th, and Hope Manning 8th.

SKS held their large tournament Saturday 2/18/2017. There was a 14 team competition with some of the brightest minds in middle school around the area. The morning started at 9:00am with pool play, then the students, coaches, judges, readers, and timers had lunch around noon. Next, the afternoon consisted of bracket play. The brackets were determined by the wins in the morning competition. The games can be very stressful and intense as students try to buzz in fast enough to beat the other team players in both knowledge and speed when buzzing in. 
knowledge bowl students participate in competition