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SKS Drama Club Performs

SKS Drama Club Performs
Posted on 02/21/2020

KS Drama Club Performs “Solomon Grundy’s Mine: A Fractured Fairy Tale”

Each year the Drama Club chooses a play to perform for the school and community. This year’s play was “Solomon Grundy’s Mine: A Fractured Fairy Tale.” Working together to present a play is a wonderful experience. However, it is rare for the actors and directors to have the opportunity to share the production of the play with the playwright. This year we had that rare opportunity to join actors, directors, and playwright in producing our play. Therefore, it was with great honor and pride we were able to present to our audience the world premiere of “Solomon Grundy’s Mine” by playwright Merri Magula. It was an amazing experience for each and every one of us.

Students that are involved in drama are 5th-8th graders. Students spent many afternoons practicing their lines and learning stage movements. They also spent their own time to memorize lines. Students not only perform, they also work as backstage workers and developing backgrounds and props. This year held many new opportunities as we produced this year’s stage production. 

Two performances were held on Thursday, 2/20/2020. Students, staff, teachers, parents, family members, and relatives had the pleasure of watching the students act out a humorous fractured fairy tale. The cast included 23 wonderful, hardworking middle school students. Furthermore, some students had more than one roll to perform. We also had a couple last minute stand-ins because of illness. The cast and crew are as follows: Narrator Rilee Crumb, Solomon Grundy was to be performed by *Cole Watts—Kayla Everett performed as a stand-in, Ole King Cole performed by Mason Graham, Jester performed by Sydney Swihart-Wolff, The Three Blind Mice: Hickory performed by Marissa Cates, Dickory performed by Sydney Talsma, Dock performed by Raegen Caddell, The Wicked Witch performed by *Amber Hayes, Red Riding Hood performed by Raigan Crumb, Goldie Locks performed by *Addi Sherfy, Tweedle Dee performed by Jayce Graham-Magula, Tweedle Dum performed by Zayne Uzlik, The Big Bad Wolf performed by *Noah Sawyer, Rumpelstiltskin was to be performed by *Dre’ Jines—Ean Pryor performed the role as a stand-in, The Mad Hatter performed by Sydney Swihart-Wolff, The March Hare performed by *Madelyn Holtmann, The Door Mouse performed by Randa Johnson, The Camera Guy performed by Joshua Shipman, Little Bo Peep performed by Nicole McCallister, Sheep: Curly (Alien sheep) performed by Amber Johnson, Fluffy performed by Abby Hoyt, Wooly was to be performed by Abi Gibbons (illness), The Three Bears: Papa Bear performed by Mason Graham, Mama Bear performed by Amberlee Shipman, and Baby Bear performed by Emma Pryor, and Alice performed by Amber Jonson. Curtains Isabell Avant, Lighting and sound Alex Hueback and Mrs. Everett, Make-up and Costuming: Makilyah Koory, Kayla Everett, Merri Magula, Backstage Hands: *Kayli Rawlings, Merri Magula, *Ean Pryor, Kayla Everett, and Landon Sawyer. Camera and photography: Alexis Bishop, and *Juliette Johnson.

Starred students indicate 8th grade students.

The students worked hard to put on a performance that wowed the audience. The SKS drama Club wishes to thank everyone that helped make this play a possibility and success. See you next year for another wonderful journey.