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Shakin in the Shell 2019

Shakin in the Shell 2019
Posted on 09/23/2019

Shell Knob Charger Band and Middle students Open Shakin’ in the Shell

Shell Knob middle school has several leadership classes that students attend each morning during Zero hour. The students learn leadership skills (From the Leader in Me Program) and have jobs they do around the school that teaches and promotes their individuality and real world skills. The Shell Knob TV News in one class students can join. So the News team joined the band and other leadership teams at Shakin’ in the Shell to help open the annual festivities. News anchors Robby Boyd, Michael McClary, and Ean Pryor opened the celebration with the news, interviews, and the weather report. The Shell Knob TV News even has its own YouTube channel. (Shell Knob TV News) The SKS Charger Band played several musical pieces and ended with our National Anthem. The middle school band is comprised on 6th-8th grade students and for many this is their first big performance. The Shell Knob middle school Leadership team presented information about “The Leader in Me” habits the school students are learning from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Last but not least, the SKS Cheer leaders preformed several cheers to the delight of parents, family members, and people from all over the community.  

Shell Knob students are learning valuable lessons in and out of the classroom that go beyond the basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. So, be on the lookout for more exciting news from SKS.