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Student Council Challenges the Chargers

Student Council Challenges the Chargers
Posted on 11/18/2019

SKS Student Council Challenges the Chargers

Shell Knob student council members have been setting monthly challenges for the Charger students, staff, and teachers. The challenges help bring awareness to the children about different diseases and problems in society. The challenges started in October. Students, staff, and teachers wore pink on Fridays to raise cancer awareness. Many families are struggling with this disease as with others without anyone knowing.  October also ended with Red Ribbon Week. Students, staff, and teachers all dressed differently on each day to raise awareness about drug and bullying issues in our community, school, and society. November 14th was Diabetes Awareness Day. Therefore, students, teachers, and staff wore blue to bring awareness to this disease. As the year goes on there will be other challenges to help raise students’ awareness beyond themselves.