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"Objection! Disorder in the Court!"

"Objection! Disorder in the Court!"
Posted on 05/07/2021

SKS performs “Objection! Disorder in the Court” 

Each year the Drama Club chooses a play to perform for the school and their families. This year’s play was “Objection! Disorder in the Court.” Students that are involved in drama are 5th-8th graders. Students spent many afternoons practicing their lines and learning stage movements. They also spent their own time memorizing lines. Students not only perform, they also work as backstage workers, costuming, make-up, and developing props. Several students also performed more than one role. 

The performance was on Thursday, 5/6/21. Teachers, parents, family members, and relatives had the pleasure of watching the students act out a humorous court drama with lots of strange witnesses and antics by the court. The cast included 9 wonderful, hard working middle school students. The cast and crew are as follows; Mr. Scammerton, performed by Raigan Crumb, Casey Licit, performed by Randa Johnson, Mr. Flops, performed by Emma Pryor who also performed as Archie Maniacal, Bailiff, performed by Amber Johnson, Penny Fadson, performed by Blakeley Pryor who also performed as Beulah Young, Glen Chatter, performed by Sidney Uzlik who also performed as Puffle’s Handler, Clarissa Vendor, performed by Rilee Crumb who also performed as Albert Contrary, and Arminta Contrary, performed by Sydney Swihart Wolf. The crew consisted of Mason Graham, Sydney Talsma, and Alex Heuback. 

As you can see the names give you an indication of the character traits the performers embodied as they acted out their roles. As usual, the students did a great job performing to the delight of the audience.