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SKS Students Awarded First Place

SKS Students Awarded First Place
Posted on 10/12/2020

Two Shell Knob middle school students were given awards from the Daughters of the Revolution Elkhorn Chapter. Every year students in 5th-8th grade from local schools are given a historical topic about which to write an essay. Last year’s topic was, “The 400th Anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower and the founding of the Plymouth Colony.”

Students had to imagine they were one of the passengers on the Mayflower. They had to research what materials were available in 1620. They then needed to decide what they would have packed to prepare for the trip and start a new life in the wilderness. After that, they had to explain if they would have made different choices after spending more than 2 months at sea.

The 6
th-8th grade students at SKS researched the time frame, the people on the Mayflower, the supplies needed, and the trip itself. Next, students had to decide if they were going to use journal entries or narrative form and tell the story of their life at that time. Students had to blend fact with fiction to write their essay. They were limited on words and had to show a firm grasp of the positive and negative impact of their choices.

The essays are read by the ladies in the DAR and were judged for their historical accuracy, length, adherence to the topic, and creativity. The students winning 1
st and 2nd place are invited to the annual tea. All 1st and 2nd place winners are given a certificate and coin in honor of their effort and abilities. However, there are also overall winners who are the Elk Horn Chapter winners and their essays go on to the state level. They also get to read their essay and get a special pin. The students then get to meet the ladies who keep our history alive for future generations. 

Unfortunately our students did not get to go to the annual Tea last spring. However, their pins and certificates were delivered to the school this fall so the students could be recognized for all their hard work. Last year we had two winners. Then 7
th grader Aaliyah Franklin and then 6th grader Amberlee Shipman. Congratulations ladies for a job well done.