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Shell Knob Top Summer Reader

Shell Knob Top Summer Reader
Posted on 10/02/2020
Top Reader

Over summer break the middle school Communication Arts Teacher, Ms. Varner, challenged her students to a reading competition. Several students read books online, through apps, and/or physical books, however, one student read more pages than any other; Caitlyn Bonass. Caitlyn is known for always having a book in her hand and usually the book is over 500 pages.  The competition came down to two students with Raigan Crumb coming in a close second and Caitlyn reading a total of 5,226 pages over the course of the summer. Caitlyn was declared top reader and chose a large candy bar as her reward. We thought she would pick a book, however next to reading, eating is Caitlyn’s favorite thing. If you see Caitlyn, congratulate her on her success.