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Wacky Wednesday

Wacky Wednesday
Posted on 09/28/2020
Hat Day

School can be a very serious business with lots of work, however, SKS Chargers know how to have fun while learning. This year has brought many changes, however, the best so far is Wacky Wednesday. Each week a class gets to pick a fun way to dress on Wednesdays. The first Wacky Wednesday was brought to us by Mrs. Wheeler’s 3rd grade students and they chose Hat Day. Everyone came in their favorite hat or just their silliest hat. Next Wednesday courtesy of Mr. Hobbs, is pajama day. Students, teachers, staff, and administration will get to wear their favorite pj’s for the day. The day will also have a bonus of a special popcorn and movie time. Learning is an important business, however, having fun while learning lightens everyone’s day. Be on the lookout for Wacky SKS students running around. :)