Holiday Activities at SKS

NJHS students decorate the tree in the mezzanine Each year as SKS enters into the holiday months the students go into the community for different activities.  Some are holiday themed and some are not. December tends to be a month where students young and old learn about service to their community! NJHS has several community activities they participate in.

  • They decorate the tree in the mezzanine at the school.
  • They organize a community food drive that starts December 15.
  • The third is the Santa Workshop at the Methodist church.

Other classes and groups also go into the community! Band students sing and perform at the community star lighting, which is held at the Senior Center. Elementary students also go to different places to sing and bring Christmas cheer to the community. Of course the big winter concert the school holds for everyone to enjoy is during this time also. This year the Winter Concert is on December 15th at 6:00 pm. It will be K-4 singing songs about winter and Christmas joy plus 5th-8th-grade band performing songs about the winter and the holidays.  

The last activity is the Drama Club's Performance. Normally the Drama Club performs in November, but this year the play was pushed back, so even though it is not a holiday play it is for everyone to enjoy. Drama Club will be performing the Princess and the Pea at 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm on December 9th.

Students young and old learn about the importance of doing for others in a variety of ways as the month rolls by.