SKS and the Community 2017

Lannin Pryor welds at MariCorpShell Knob middle school has done several looks into different fields of work for the students middle school students. SKS also had a job shadowing project.

Lannin Pryor is shown with his first ever welding results, after his experience with job shadowing at MariCorp.  MariCorp U.S. graciously agreed to give Lannin, an eighth grader, the opportunity of learning the "ins-and-outs" of welding.  (Lannin has indicated that his career goal is to become a welder.)  

Chance Sherfy, assisted by other MariCorp employees, instructed him on welding and shop safety, the pros and cons of a welding profession, opportunities available, etc., and then Lannin actually welded steel-to-steel---of which Lannin showed exceptional talent!!  (Upon returning Lannin to the waiting SKS staff member, Chance said "Lannin did GREAT!  If he wasn't 14- yrs-old, we'd hire him today!").

Shell Knob School is so grateful to MariCorp U.S. and their employees for Lannin's experience, as well as Lannin Pryor for "making us proud".