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SKS Give Back Day

SKS students working during community give back dayShell Knob students. K-8, teachers, and staff went into the community on Friday, 9/29/2017, to give back to the community that supports them in all they do. Shell Knob is definitely a town where the people live the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,"  Therefore, SKS teachers, students and staff wished to find a way to give back to their community.

A committee of teachers was gathered together to plan and execute what students would do to give back. The committee consisted of Mr. Parrott, Mr. Robertson, Mrs. Wheeler, and Mrs. Crain. They met regularly to plan, organize and set up the day. Next, they contacted various community organizations, businesses, and people to set up where children would go and what they could do for their community.

SKS students working during community give back dayStudents were placed into groups and assigned teachers, staff, and older students to help them accomplish the tasks given them. The kindergarten classes went to CC Camp with select middle school students to pick up trash and beautify the area. First grade with certain middle school students went to the Community Garden and worked moving soil and fertilizer into the planting beds. Second and third grade with a few middle school students were at the Plaza washing windows and sweeping sidewalks. A group of fourth graders went to Arvest Bank and cleaned up the parking lot, grounds, and made popcorn, plus greeted customers as they visited the bank. More fourth graders went with a group of middle school students to the Senior Center and deep cleaned tables and did other odd jobs. While another group of fourth graders went to the Food Pantry and cleaned and sorted food items. Fifth grade was at the Freedom Bank painting the fence. Middle school students were in mixed groups doing various other jobs around town. Such as: The Fire House then to Rusty’s auto Parts, some students were at the Thrifty Closet sorting clothes, while others were at Dollar General sweeping, washing windows, and cleaning, another group went to Pizza Hut and Subway to pick up trash and do general cleaning, the last group of middle schoolers went to Hickory Hallow to move mulch into gardens for the owners. 

SKS students working during community give back dayStudents, teachers, and staff learned many new skills and had a chance to meet community members and give a little back to the community they live in. SKS with the help of its community is helping grow future leaders. Thank you for everyone that was part of a great learning experience.