Shell Knob Welcomes Several New Teachers

Charger middle school students

By Addi Sherfy, Riley Bishop, and Amber Hayes
SKS middle school has several exploratory classes where students can learn new and challenging skills. One of the classes is Journalism and Photography. Students in the class are working as journalists and photographers. Students worked in groups to come up with interview questions to ask the new teachers at Shell Knob. Then students set a time to interview the new teachers. After interviewing, the students helped write and edit the article for the newspaper. The top picture is of the class with Mrs. Givens.

 One of our new faces is Mrs. Givens. She actually started working here last spring as our counselor. She came to Shell Knob because her husband was originally from here. Her husband is Shell Knob’s Corporal Givens, he serves with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Mrs. Givens originally came from Jefferson City where she grew up. While working in the business field one of her clients told her, she felt there was more Mrs. Givens had to give the world. The client felt she should become a counselor.  So Mrs. Givens chose to become a counselor because she wished to make a difference in people’s lives. Her family consists of her husband and their dogs. Her future is to stay here and continue her career as a wonderful counselor.

Mr. Hurd

By Noah Sawyer and J Mike Rich
ur next new face is Mr. Hurd our new Social Studies teacher. He choose Shell Knob because when he saw the teachers and children he knew this was the place where he wanted to be a teacher. He was born in Springfield MO, but was raised in Everton MO. He has been married for 5 months to Danielle a sweet young woman. He loves to teach Geography and History because his teachers imparted a love for the past and our world to him. He also choose to become a basketball coach for the love of the game. He wished to convey his joy of playing basketball to the children he teaches. He likes to have conversions with fellow teachers to broaden his knowledge in his chosen field. His favorite type of food is Chinese. He is excited about this new adventure at SKS. 

Mr. Hobbs
By Ean Pryor and Brayden Swartz

The last new addition to SKS is Mr. Hobbs. Mr. Hobbs has wanted to be a teacher since he was young. He also loves sports like basketball and volleyball. On the weekends he loves spending time with his family. He enjoys his job and reaching the future by being a teacher. He has a dog named Lucy and he lives in Arkansas. The reason why he joined us in Shell Knob is because he loves the small family feel of the community. Mr. Hobbs is getting married in October 2018 to a wonderful person. Mr. Hobbs is our new tech coach, boys’ basketball coach, and reading teacher. His favorite food is Italian.