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Shell Knob Fall Sports

basketball photo
By Addi Sherfy and Luana Varner 
August 31, 2018 Shell Knob School opened up their basketball season with a preseason Jamboree at Kirbyville. The Charger Boys teams consists of: 8th graders Isaac Hadlow, Logan Whisman, Brady Talsma, seventh graders Ean Pryor, J Mike Rich, Cole Watts, Landon Shoemaker, Bradyn Hayes and sixth grader Brandon Johnson. Shell Knob has two new coaches teaching and guiding the boys through their season. Our new coaches are Coach Hurd (MS Social Studies) and Coach Hobbs (Technology Coordinator) who are also new to the district.

basketball photo

The SKS Lady Chargers team consists of: seventh graders Amber Hayes, Addison Sherfy, Madelyn Holtmann, and sixth graders Lily Anderson, Brooke Langley, Marissa Cates and Aaliyah Franklin. The Lady Chargers have also welcomed new coaches this year. The new coaches for the Lady Chargers are Coach Boyd (Kindergarten teacher) and Coach Benson (Pre-k aide).

The girls and boys have started their season off with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The top scorer for the girls’ game was Amber Hayes while the top scorers for the boys were Isaac Hadlow, Bradyn Hayes, and Ean Pryor.

We hope everyone will come out to cheer our players on at all the games, however, we would like to PACK the GYM at home games. The 1st home game is Monday 9/10/2018 at 5:00 pm vs. Exeter. Other home games are: September 18 vs Wheaton at 5pm and October 4 vs Hurley at 5:00 pm. The other games will be away as follows September 24th @ Exeter, September 25 @ Verona time TBA. The season will end with The Big 8 Tournament October 13-18. Hope to see you there.

 Shell Knob will also continue their Cross Country team this year. This is the second season for SKS. Many of the team are doing double duty as runners and basketball players. Boys and girls will be running at various meets around MO as they move through the second season of Cross Country. The team consists of 8th graders Isaac Hadlow, Phillip Mason, Rileigh Rickard, Nicole Ray, seventh graders Madelyn Holtmann, Cole Watts, and sixth graders Jacob Walker, and Mason Graham.

Cross Country Meets will be held: Sept 11th @ Monett, Sept 22th @ Berryville, Sept 29th @ Blue Eye, Oct 11th @ Southwest, and Oct 13th @ Wheaton.