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SKS Learns about Fire Safety

group fire safety By: Noah Sawyer, Joseph Michael Rich, Riley Bishop, Amber Hayes, and Brayden Swartz (MS Journalism Class)

Each year students at Shell Knob Elementary School spend time learning about fire safety. During the week elementary students do a variety of activities in various classes on fire safety. Middle school students join in during the fire department visit.

Central Crossing Fire Protection Department (CCFPD) kicked off our Fire Prevention week. Pre-K-3rd grade learned the importance of working fire alarms, fire escape plans, knowing emergency numbers, knowing their address, phone, and other important contact information. They also toured the fire truck and equipment.

At the end of their training, they received a fire safety coloring book. Students 4th-8th grade experienced a smoke filled maze. They were given three minutes to find their way out. The maze had dead ends and students had to perform various maneuvers to get out. After the maze, students were able to tour the truck and learn about the various tools the fire department uses. 4th-8th grade students were gifted Frisbees at the end of their training.

We would like to thank the men and women who took time out of their busy day to teach the children about fire safety SKS. Thank you!