SKS Basketball Players go to a College BB Game

students at Drury University
By Addison Sherfy and the MS Journalism team

November 29 the Shell Knob school girl and boy basketball players went to see a basketball game at Drury University. They went to Drury University in Springfield, MO to see them play against Roger State Hillcats.

The doors opened at 5:00 pm. When the SKS basketball players got there, they saw the basketball players warming up for the game. The evening activities were kicked off by the playing of our National Anthem. After the song finished, the action started.

Players were announced with their stats before the game began. Next, it was time for the tip off. Drury won the tip off. During the game college students went and got spectators to play games. One asked an SKS players and a player named Landon Shoemaker, said yes. The game was on the big screen and Landon needed to try to follow the three balls to find the one that had Pouncer, (The Drury Mascot) under it. He got the answer right and he won a $15.00 coupon to the Snack Attack. After that it was back to the game action.

The same college student came back to our players and asked if they would do another game. A lot of our people said yes, but he could only pick four people. The four people he picked were Ean Pryor, Cole Watts, Brandon Johnson, and Addison Sherfy. They were part of a three legged race in teams of two. The team that won was Cole and Ean. They got a coupon to Andy’s Custard. The other teams got a coupon as well, but they didn’t get as large of a cash prize. (Go to the Shell Knob facebook page to see video clips of the games) Then, the school sat down and enjoyed the rest of the game.

Drury won the game 88 to 46. The last thing that was done before the SKS ball players left was a picture with the cheerleaders. It was an exciting night of fun.