Scholar Bowl Kicks off its 2018-19 Season

The 2018-19 Scholar Bowl team competed against Southwest Monday 12/3/2018 in the first of the their seasons games. Scholar Bowl students play in two separate teams. An A team and B team.

The A team consists of Isaac Hadlow, (Team Captain) Brady Talsma, Logan Whisman, Phillip Mason, Kylie Martin, (Team Captain) Rileigh Rickard, and Robert Boyd. The B team consists of Ean Pryor, (Team Captain) Addison Sherfy, Amber Hayes, Dre’ Jines, (Team Captain) Juliette Johnson, Bradyn Hayes, Madelyn Holtmann, and Cole Watts. Scholar Bowl sponsors

Mr.Schuman and Mrs. Crain practice twice a week with players to help prepare them for competitions. Former Scholar bowl players also come and help work with students.

The team traveled to Southwest to compete against the Southwest Trojans. Rounds consist of four players against four players with half time for switches. Players switch places at half time to enter into the rounds. Each team has two team captains that also switch at half time. The teams played two rounds where they were asked a series of questions in a variety of subjects. When a team got a toss-up question correct, they won the bonus question. There are three bonus questions. After the bonus round, teams went back to the toss up questions.

The A team did not win their matches this time, however, the B team did win. They won 160-100.