Drama Club Performs “The Wizard of Oz”

wizard of oz group

Each year the Drama Club chooses a play to perform for the school and community. This year’s play was “The Wizard of Oz.” For over a hundred years, this story has delighted adults and children alike. The play was a blend of the book by Frank L. Baum and movie. Students that are involved in drama are 5th-8th graders. Students spent many afternoons practicing their lines and learning stage movements. They also spent their own time to memorize lines. Students not only perform, they also work as backstage workers and developing backgrounds and props.

wizard of oz play

Two performances were held on Thursday, 12/13/2018. Students, staff, teachers, parents, family members, and relatives had the pleasure of watching the students act out a humorous interpretation of the movie and book. The cast included 20 wonderful, hardworking middle school students. Several students had more than one roll to perform. The cast and crew are as follows; Dorothy performed by Rileigh Rickard, ToTo performed by Lorelei Cook, Uncle Henry performed by Madelyn Holtmann, Aunt Em performed by Addison Sherfy, who also played the Good Witch Glinda, Scarecrow performed by Carly Anderson, the Tin Man performed by Mason Graham, the Lion performed by Raigan Crumb, the Gatekeeper performed by Kylie Martin, the Wizard of Oz performed by Aaliyah Franklin, The Wicked Witch of the West performed by Amber Hayes, The Munchkins, Trees, and Flying Monkeys were performed by Marissa Cates, Nicole McCallister, and Brooke Langley, The Rainbow Chorus who narrated the story were Blue--Raegan Caddell, Green--Zaira Systo, Orange--Emma Pryor, Purple--Sydney Talsma, Red--Randa Johnson, and Yellow--Lily Anderson. Back stage, makeup, lights, sound and curtains were Merri Magula, Lisa Sherfy, Phillip Mason, Madelyn Holtmann and Kellen Anderson. Many props and background materials were produced by the middle school exploratory stagecraft class. While, pictures and video were taken by the middle school journalism/photography class.

The students worked hard to put on a performance that wowed the audience. The SKS drama Club wishes to thank everyone that helped make this play a possibility and success. See you next year for another wonderful journey.