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Shell Knob School Holds Annual Spelling Bee

spelling bee participants
Each year students’ 4th-6th grade start practicing a list of words. Of course this is on top of their normal school work. Students practice for about a month. Then each class holds a classroom Spelling Bee. The top three spellers from each class our entered into the School Spelling Bee.

Students stand in front their whole school K-8th and show their skill. It is a very nerve wracking moment. The students continue spelling and being eliminated until there are only two left.

The championship rounds are similar except a student misspelling a word isn’t out until the other speller spells the misspelled word plus a new word correctly. 

This year’s spellers are:
4th grade Zane Uzlik, Rilee Crumb, and Amber Johnson5th grade Landon Sawyer, Amberlee Shipman, and Caitlyn Bonass
6th grade Lily Anderson, Aaliyah Franklin, and Brandon Johnson

spelling bee winner
The winner of SKS’s annual spelling Bee is 6th Lily Anderson with 4th grade Rilee Crumb as the alternate. Lily will go to the Joplin Globe’s 43rd Annual Spelling Bee. Lily will be competing against other great spellers from around Missouri.