SKS Celebrates the 101 days of School

101 Day
Shell Knob Elementary school celebrated the 101st day of school February 6, 2019. Every year the younger students learn to count to 100 by ones, twos, fives, and tens. As the year goes by and the children get closer to the hundredth day, they are excited to get celebrate learning their numbers to 100. However, the prize for learning their numbers is actually the day after the 100th day of school.

101 dayThe big celebration happens the next day as students and teachers dress up to celebrate the achievement of the younger members of the Shell Knob community.  The children, staff, and teachers dress up as Dalmatians and get to watch 101 Dalmatians as a reward for making it to the 101st day of the school year.

This year SKS has some visitors on the 101st day. Cruella De Vil and her cohorts came to celebrate and capture a few Dalmatians running around. 
101 day