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5th Grade Visits Roaring River

Roaring River collage
Fifth grade made their annual field trip to Roaring River State Park to conduct a stream survey, learn about conservation and our native animals, and enjoy nature on a beautiful hike. Each year students make this trip as a culminating event on their Missouri animal research project. Students picked a Missouri-native animal to research, write a report, and create a poster using natural materials. The posters the students created are then voted on by students, teachers, and staff. Over 100 people voted on the students’ work.
The contest was a close one, but the votes came in with Emma Pryor and her white-tailed deer poster in first place, Raegan Caddell and her American Bison in 2nd place, and in 3rd Randa Johnson with an Eastern Chipmunk poster.

While on the field trip, the 5th graders learned about our native animals, conducted a stream test, while they also enjoyed a beautiful hike on the Devil’s Kitchen trail. They said, "Best day of the school year."