SKSJHS Induction Ceremony Recognizes High Achieving students

junior honor society

By Mrs. Thompson-Krug

On Monday, May 13, 2019 at 6:00 pm the Shell Knob Chapter of Junior Honor Society inducted several new members. SKSJHS students are students who always go above and beyond in leadership qualities, and more specifically academic excellence.  The elegance and small details put into making this evening special was in appreciation for the hard work of each student who is and will become part of this Leadership team.

 The ceremony is primarily led by the students, who wrote their own scripts to welcome in the new members while explaining what each leadership trait is and why it is important for the members to display.

 Students are invited to fill out an application based on their grade point.  However, official acceptance is voted on by a teacher selection committee. This committee takes into consideration the student’s character, citizenship, leadership, service in addition to his or her scholarship before deciding that students can be a part of the SKSJHS.

 Many people helped as part of making this evening a special event for all and deserve special thanks. Such as the administration for support of students and the SKSJHS sponsor, plus helping serving the meal. The maintenance and custodial staff for set up of table, chairs and the cleanliness of the building. (after field day) The cafeteria for planning and making the meal which consisted of Chicken Alfredo, prepped salads and veggies, plus the delicious desserts. Ms. Judy (Mrs. Reynolds) the FACs teacher. Ms. Judy spent time training her students to properly serve food and fill drinks for the guests and their families. They even made the delicious dinner mints that were on the tables as pre-dinner snacks. (The students did an amazing job) Parents, ultimate thanks lead back to you. You’ve instilled a work ethic, thirst for knowledge, and the traits in your children which were explained through the ceremony.

 The last people to be thanked are the students whose hard work and strong ethics have made them the stars of the evening. Mrs. Thompson-Krug the SKSJHS sponsor has worked with the members as a teacher, as a sponsor and as a partner in service to the community. Several of the leaving 8th graders were some of her first students in Shell Knob. Every year that new members are inducted there is joy which has that bittersweet edge as old members go on to high school. SKSJHS members will be the leaders of tomorrow.

junior honor society
This year three new members were inducted into the SKSJHS: Lily Anderson, Aaliyah Franklin, Mason Graham based on the qualities of service, character, scholarship (holding all As and Bs), leadership, and citizenship. Expect to see great things from these student leaders.