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Hello, my name is Nurse Duke.  I would like to welcome you to another great year here at Shell Knob School. Below is some helpful information to frequently asked questions: 

Please remember to notify the school if your child is not going to be present.

Can my child attend school/preschool without updated immunizations?

Answer: No

‚ÄčIf my child is sent home by the school nurse, can he/she attend same day after school activities like ball games, fun nights, family nights, etc.?
Answer: No, unless cleared by the nurse.

When can my child return to school after having a fever of 100 degrees or more?
Answer: After they have been fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medications, example: Tylenol, etc. 

Can my child carry over the counter or prescription medications on them at school?
Answer: No.  All medications must be checked in with the school nurse. Guardians must transport medications to and from school.  Do not send medications in your child's backpack. 

Does Shell Knob School have a no nit or no lice policy:
Answer: Yes

When can my child return to school after being sent home with head lice?
Answer: After child's hair as been properly treated and is free of lice and nits.  Child cannot ride the bus until cleared by school nurse.  Guardians must accompany child to school nurse office for clearance. 

If my child wakes up with an extremely red eye/eyes, should I keep them home and take them to my healthcare provider?
Answer: Yes.  Your child could possibly have pinkeye and that is highly contagious. 

‚ÄčIf my child has frequent bathroom issues, should I keep a change of clothes in their backpack?
Answer: Yes