Social Studies Links (virtual tour/Louvre) Talk Like A Pilgrim  -Really cool site! Christopher Columbus Liberty Bell Responsibility Launcher Games For Change Do I Have A Right If You Were President American Symbols Hot shots game Fun games about the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Precipitation and Citizenship, Budgeting, Foreign Policy, Judicial Branch, Executive Branch, etc... (Mr. Robertson's students can select Middle School, Missouri, and the text to see resources/interactive materials) -Current Events For Kids Picturing America -interactive Social Studies websites


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Election Games/Information

     You are running for the White House...create your platform and see how you do. for a day  You get to be the voter in this game.  Pick your favorite candidate.  For Teachers and Students (lessons and games)  On The Road To The White House Game Electing the President...Cyber Hunt The Electoral Challenge  Electoral College Map (2008 and 2012) - Seven Hats Challenge  Game (see the roles that the President must play) - Meet the canidates -  Congress for kids...great for teachers and students (activities, webquests, puzzles, lesson plans, etc...) - online learning module


Election Videos (from Scholastic...student friendly) - explains the electoral college explains who can run for President and facts about the Presidency  tells about current candidates and their backgrounds tells about the campaign process for candidates -Obama the early years - Romney the early years


Veteran's Day  (for teachers) (4 minute Pearl Harbor Video )  Fact Monster facts for kids History Channel Veterans Day Video clips History Channel...Bet You Didn't Know  Say Thanks Video