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Keri Givens-Counselor

The Board designates the following individual to act as the district's liaison for homeless students (homeless liaison):


24400 State Highway 39 Shell Knob, MO 65747

Phone: 417-858-6743/Fax: 417-858-2202

The homeless liaison shall designate and train another district employee to serve as the homeless liaison in the absence of the homeless liaison. Cheryl Kosmatka - Homeless State Coordinator 573-522-8763 or 573-751-3468 Cheryl.Kosmatka@dese.mo.gov Parent information https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eVTIz1YzBaBF57R3Ke4UOpnmLprkyfHz/view?ts=5d27eb2d

The district designates the following individual as the liaison for foster care students:


24400 State Hwy 39 Shell Knob, MO 65747

Phone: (417) 858-6743 / Fax: (417) 858-3921


The liaison will provide assistance regarding all aspects of the enrollment, placement, transfer and withdrawal of children in foster care and serve as the point of contact for DESE and the CD. The liaison will also work with DESE and the CD to implement the district's complaint resolution process.

Character Chatter
Check out the character word of the month.  

September- Types of Bullying Discussed

October- Trustworthy: truthful, honest, acting with integrity

November- Cooperative: willing to be helpful, work with others

December- Caring: kindness, compassion, generosity, forgiving

January- Citizenship: being law abiding & involved in school community & country

February- Adaptable: diversity,flexible

March- Perseverance: determination, patience

April- Self-discipline: controlling emotions, words, actions, impulses, desires

May- Patriotism: love for and loyalty to one's country

Suggested Character Video
The following videos are from the Adventures of Virtues Series.  These videos can be found on Youtube.  Please use the titles provided below to search.

Adventures of Virtues Series Videos

Adventures of Virtues- Courage  

Adventures of Virtues- Responsibility   

Adventures of Virtues- Respect 

Adventures of Virtues - Caring/Compassion 

Adventures of Virtues- Honesty 

Adventures of Virtues- Tolerance (Helen Keller/Anne Sullivan) 

Adventures of Virtues- Honest Abe 

Adventures of Virtues- Faith 

Adventures of Virtues- Humility 

Adventures of Virtues- Perseverance 

Adventures of Virtues- Self-Discipline 

Adventures of Virtues- Robin Hood and Little John 

Adventures of Virtues- Generosity 

Adventures of Virtues- Tower to the Moon 

Adventures of Virtues- Friendship 

Adventures of Virtues- The Story of Two Friends 

Crawford's Corner:  Good Table Manners 


This video will inspire you to have a great attitude.  It is a short video full of attitude changing quotations. 



I have posted a link to videos stressing how to stop bullying in different situations.  Please take a little time to look over the videos and try the quizzes to see how much you know about preventing bullying.



More videos used with K - 3rd grades to teach Character Education.


Mr. Stanley- Tolerance

Mr. Stanley- Responsibility

Berenstain Bears Count Your Blessings-Kindness

Berenstain Bears Show Respect

Respect Explained

Respect Song

20 Things We Should Say More Often

The Importance of Kindness (3-8)

Color Your World With Kindness

Kid's Character Builder Kindness pt.1

Kid'sCharacter Builder Kindness pt.2

Tolerance Video- What is happening in the video?