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Adventure in Our Own Backyard

Adventure in Our Own Backyard
Posted on 10/27/2020

Adventure in Our Own Backyard!

Over the past two weeks, class groups from Shell Knob School have been on adventurous field trips to Roaring River State Park and the Museum in Golden.  Who knew there were so many really cool things to do and see, practically in our own backyard.  Kindergarten through Fourth grade got to spend the day exploring Roaring River State Park. Each group on their assigned day traveled to Roaring River and explored the hiking trails and fish hatchery, learned facts and myths about venomous snakes in Missouri, had lunch, and created their own adventures on the Roaring River playground. Fifth and Sixth grade and Seventh grade also went to Roaring River and hiked the trails. While hiking the trails our seventh graders also helped out by doing a service project; picking up trash and fishing line to help protect the environment and the wildlife. In addition fifth through seventh grade students also went to the privately owned museum in Golden and discovered a treasure trove of artifacts, collectibles, and historical items that piqued their interest and imaginations. Though the weather didn’t always cooperate so well, everyone had a great time on their respective field trip days. It was fun to discover there are some really cool things to do and see right here in our little corner of the world. Looking forward to the next adventure!